Tapware: Jewellery of the Bathroom

features Dorf Manor House Basin Set

While the bath is likely the unassuming authority in your bathroom, choosing the right tapware to bejewel your space will create a visual dialogue that reflects your unique style and tastes. When weighing up potential options, ask yourself: does this complement my overall design vision? Which option better suits my lifestyle? Which option expresses my individuality?

For centuries, jewellery has been adopted as a form of individual style and artistic expression; a cultural status symbol; a conveyer of personal meaning. Tapware should be no different. While they clearly differ in terms of their functional uses, both manifest luxury, prestige and endearing characteristics that make the “wearer” unique.

As with personal ornamentation, there is also a level of interactivity between your tapware and you that is intangibly intimate. Once you’ve narrowed down your tapware style options, keep this level of intimacy in mind when considering functionality. Hold it in your hands; give it a test run if possible. The right tapware will fit comfortably into the shape of your hands, feel easy to use and demonstrate superior quality.

Just as you would match your jewellery to your shoes, don’t forget to accessorise – complementing tapware with bathroom accessories can make all the difference to your look.