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The bath tub is one of the centre pieces of any bathroom. It needs to be functional enough to meet the requirements of the household as well being stylish.

Baths are not only used for cleansing but also as a place to relax and soak away any pains, for this reason you want to ensure your bathing experience is as comfortable as possible. With all the options including acrylic, pressed steel and now stone finishes, there is a bath design that will suit you.

Most bath models will come in a variety of sizes from as small as 1m, up to 1.9m metres length and in various depths and widths.

Baths can be 'inset' which means the bath installed hard against the wall usually with a tile lip. For a larger bathroom, you may consider an 'Island bath' these are normally set into a tiled hob which surrounds the bath.

Free Standing baths are currently have a re-suragnce in popularity as manufacturers use more modern shapes and styles in free standing baths.