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Vanities FAQ

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1. My vanity is bubbled and swollen at the bottom. How can I fix it?

Swellling at the bottom of your vanity means that water doesn't drain away correctly and your vanity is sitting in pools of water that get drawn up into the board. Once started this cannot be reversed, however keeping your vanity off the floor (maybe on small 'studs' or feet) and ensuring proper drainage this should not happen. If drainage is an ongoing proplem you may consider a vitreous china basin and pedestal or a wall mounted vanity. Although many vanities come with special acrylic coatings to protect them against splashing, vanities should not be placed in any area where they are likely to receive regular and consistent exposure to water(for example up against a bath that is used everyday by playful toddlers).

2. Why are basins that sit on top of the bench more expensive than those that drop into it?

Above counter basins require more glazing and processing than those that drop into the bench.