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Tapware FAQ

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1. What is a sink mixer and are they better than regular taps?

A mixer is a single tap body and spout with generally one, but sometimes two handles or levers that 'mix' your hot and cold water before pouring out of the spout. These are great in kitchens for single handed use (if you have something in one hand). They are also easier to turn on that many standard taps therefore are sometimes recommended for people with arthritis or other physical impairments. Ultimately it is a matter of personal preference that will dictate which is 'better'.

2. What is a 'ceramic disc'?

Ceramic discs are an alternative mechanism to the traditional washers (jumper valves). Ceramic discs are more expensive but they make taps much easier to operate, have a longer life and are guaranteed not to leak for a longer period.

3. I want to buy a different shower head than the one that comes with the set. I like the taps but can I buy my shower head seperate rather than the whole tap set?

Yes. You can purchase the wall taps on their own and select from many different types of showers to complete the set. The shower itself can be fixed from the wall or ceiling on an arm, or it can be a hand shower on an adjustable rail to suit the different heights of family members. Some of these adjustable rails are also made with