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Shower Systems FAQ

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1. Is it easy to install kit showers?

Perhaps the most important feature of the shower is that it should be fully sealed so that water cannot penetrate the concrete, brick or timber surrounds and cause extensive and expensive structural damage. Satisfy yourself that the installer will seal the shower and bath areas thoroughly and professionally.

2. What options are available when choosing shower kits?

Shower areas can be constructed in many different ways. You could have an acrylic shower base (available in a variety of sizes) and tiled walls, with a glass shower door. Or you could choose a complete shower enclosure, or shower modules (made from acyrlic, and in a variety of sizes.) which come together to form a complete unit. Ask the sales staff for the full range of options.

3. Can I buy just the screen or base from a shower kit?

Many manufactures will sell the screens, bases or walls individually. Ask our sales staff for the full range of options. If purchasing the screen and base only, think about which way you want the shower door to hinge. If it hinges outwards, make sure you have enough room to get in and out of the shower, and that the shower door won’t hit anything else in the room (such as the corner of the bath or the toilet!)