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Laundry FAQ

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1. Important Information about Laundry Taps

• There are generally two types of tap sets required for your laundry, one above the laundry tub and the other set for the washing machine. There are many basic styles available from plumbing trade suppliers that will suffice, however if your laundry is in a highly visible area or, purely as a personal preference, you may wish to match the tap styles with your kitchen or bathroom tapware. You can also choose from a large range of spouts for over your laundry tub.

• Modern taps are available with the traditional washers or they may have ceramic discs. Ceramic discs make the taps much easier to operate, perfect for anyone with even slight hand movement impairment. They also have a longer life and are guaranteed not to leak for a longer period.

• If you prefer to use a mixer instead of standard taps ensure that the tub you select will accommodate the in-cabinet plumbing and your installer is advised.

2. Important Information about Laundry Tubs

Laundry tubs are available with cabinets or as a flushline to be fit into your custom made bench. Sizes range from 35 litre to 70 litre capacity as single or double bowls.

Laundry tubs are either stainless steel or acrylic and cabinets can be colorbond or acrylic.