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Baths & Spas FAQ

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1. What do I need to know before choosing a spa?

If you choose a spa bath, you’ll need an easily accessible place for the pump and/or blower should they ever need servicing. Usually, this is under the rim of the spa, on the front right or left hand side. However, you could place them in an adjacent cupboard or through the wall. Make sure you tell the sales staff precisely where you want the pump placed, so that it can be manufactured to your individual requirements. Also consider where you’ll place the spout for filling the spa with water. Spa spouts tend to be larger than ordinary bath spouts in order to fill the spa quicker and to overcome the wider lip on the edge of the spa. Bear in mind that spas use a great deal of water. In this era of major water conservation, you may feel uncomfortable about this.

2. Can you put a shower screen over a bath or spa?

If you want a shower over the bath, you may need to install a screen as a shield against splashing. A wide range of folding screens is now available.

3. I've found the bath shape I want but have only seen it in brochures/in store as a spa. Am I able to get just the bath without the spa jets?

Yes. Many, but not all spa 'shells' are available as a bath only. Check instore for specific models.